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Lozano Family Targeted in Thursday Night Shooting

The gun violence continues in the Milpa Marage area of Ladyville. This past weekend, Lionel Rhamdas was shot and killed while three other men were injured.  Last night a shooting occurred and Police believe the target was ten members of the Lozano family. They have arrested five men, including Alrick Smith. Smith was charged with Abetment to commit murder. Assistant Commissioner of Police and Officer in Charge of the Eastern Division Rural, Edward Broaster addressed the incidents this morning.

Broaster also spoke about the possible murder weapon that was used in the shooting.

Alrick Smith was involved in another shooting on May 7 in which he was shot while driving his black vehicle towards Belize City. Broaster addressed the possibility of the attempted murder on members of the Lozano Family as retaliation for Alrick Smith’s shooting.

Ladyville Police is strengthening their presence in the Milpa Marage area in an effort to suppress the sudden surge in criminal activity.