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LPG companies worse for wear

Diesel price will see an increase as at midnight tonight.  The pump price of diesel will increase by 60 cents taking it from $7.61 to $8.21 per gallon. 

Diesel price will see an increase as at midnight tonight.  The pump price of diesel will increase by 60 cents taking it from $7.61 to $8.21 per gallon.  Premium, Regular and kerosene remain at $9.21, $8.71 and $5.43 per gallon respectively.  The price change comes at the feet of fluctuation in acquisition cost for fuel products by Belize within the international petroleum market. The increase in diesel price is not the only pinch being felt when it comes to fuel.  The former LPG importers have also been placed on a financial crunch. While their constitutional case against the National Gas Company is still in court, they have had to let employees go because they are unable to make a profit. Their attorney, Audrey Matura, believes that this in an effort to box her clients out, especially since other gas companies are allowed to set their own prices.

Audrey Matura, Attorney at Law: “They’re paying more to bring in a product that they have always been selling and not only are they paying more but the competition has been unfair. For example you all saw that 13th of May and 13th of June they gave the control prices for wholesale and retail. If you buy wholesale and retail the controller has sent out a notice saying those are fixed prices meaning if my client is selling to anybody wholesale they can only use that wholesale price and if they sell to retail they can only use that retail price however they have turned a blind eye to all those companies who are using prices in between. And I can show you we took them off Facebook, we wrote a letter I can give you that letter that we sent to the controller of supplies saying ‘Look you are being unjust.’ Why can’t you explain to us why these people are able to sell at different prices and you don’t penalize them if my client does the same they’ve already issued them with an email warning them ‘Oh that’s why we have a fixed price.’