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Lucio Salazar walks from murder charge

Lucio Salazar is a free man  tonight after having a murder charge hanging over his head for six years.  The Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, entered a case of nolle prosequi (will not prosecute) today in the Belize Supreme Court. Salazar appeared with his attorney, Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson, before Justice Marilyn Williams while the Crown was represented by Christelle Wilson. It was alleged that Salazar caused the death of Jeremy Baptist who went missing in May 2013.  A sticking point in the case, however, is that Baptist’s body was never found. According to Baptist’s common-law-wife, they attended a christening in their hometown of San Pedro at Miguel’s Shop; whilst at the shop, Baptist got into an altercation with Lucio Salazar. Reports are that he left the gathering with his wife and baby and took them home and returned back to the function that night around 10:30. On the next day, Baptist was missing. Statements gathered about Baptist’s disappearance and possible murder was that he was shot three times in the head and his body taken in a skiff and disposed of at sea. The file was forwarded to the DPP’s office and the police were instructed to charge Lucio Salazar for murder as police investigation led police to find out that it was Lucio Salazar that Baptist had the misunderstanding with while socializing at Miguel’s Shop.