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Luk Ya 10th Edition Women in Art Exhibition.

The Embassy of Mexico is hosting the opening of Luk Ya 10th Edition Women in Art Exhibition.  Diego Sapien, Cultural Attaché of the Mexican Embassy says this Exhibition which started ten years ago in Dangriga is usually held during Women’s International Month. For the first time it’s being held in Belize City at the Mexican Cultural Institute of Belize. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to Margaret Ciego Guerrero also known as Mrs. Din. Sapien explains.

Diego Sapien Cultural Attache, Embassy of Mexico: Ms. Margaret Ciego Guerrero is a personality from the Stann Creek region and she was a nurse, the pioneer of Belize in the nurturing of senior citizens in Belize. This particular exhibition was about women from the Dangriga region mainly but also from Belize but it showcases the work of women because this month is International Women’s Month, last year and the year before that the Mexican Institute hosted exhibitions around with women in the month of March so that is the objective that we look forward to, to showcase women artists in International Women’s Month here in Belize City. They are going to be between ten and twelve people here at the exhibition with different types of artworks: paintings, drawings, clothing, books, different types of exhibits and works that are going to be showcased. Tomorrow there is going to be food so it is going to be a fun time. It is going to be a family oriented event, it is free so there is going to be drinks, there is going to be food so we invite people to come and join us at the Mexican Institute.”

Entrance to tonight’s exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Institute is free of cost. There are two exhibits being launched tonight at the institute, the other exhibit features Mexican artist Nuria Montiel.