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M & M Engineering to Construction new Roaring Creek Bridge

Work will begin on the construction of the new Roaring Creek Bridge.  The construction contract was awarded to M & M Engineering Consultants Ltd. for just over eleven million dollars. Yesterday a signing ceremony took place where Minister of Works, Rene Montero explained the scope of work to be carried out.


Rene Montero – Minister of Works

“The scope of the works include construction of the new bridge along with approaches and drainage works to a total length of 485 meters. Also included are the roadway clearance, the removal of any remnant structures, construction, fencing and the like within the road reserve, earthworks, construction of a reinforced concrete bridge, approaches, roadside barriers and runoff channels,  the installation of road centers and edge lines markings. The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Works considers the impact of the Roaring Creek Bridge’s increased traffic loads, infrequent maintenance, city and business expansion and unpredictable effects of several tropical storms and hurricanes it saw crucial to replace the bridge. An opening tender exercise took place, the contractor’s offer was consistent with the engineer’s estimate and current construction rates.” Signing on behalf of M & M Engineering was Roque Matus, who specified that the bulk of the work will be carried out by Belizean laborers.”


Roque Matus – M & M Engineering Consultants Ltd.

“We’d like to thank the Ministry of Works and the Government of Belize for their continuous working with us. We are a company that believes in Belize and continues to employ a lot of Belizeans and through it, we have also introduced many products in the bridge industry so that we can do this at a more efficient price and keep the jobs here in Belize.”

IMC Worldwide will be supervising the work.  Funding for the construction of the new bridge is made possible through a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank and grant funding through the European Union-Caribbean Investment Facility.