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Mace Bearer – Persona Non Grata at Senate Hearings

In a previous newscast we told you of the decision of the House Committee to not terminate the services of Brian Yellowman Audinett following his outburst during the Special Senate Select hearing on May 17, 2017.  The committee did take some harsh criticisms due to their decision as the Speaker of the House, Laura Longsworth noted that she had recommended that Audinett be dismissed.  Three weeks ago there was also a meeting of the Senate Special Select Committee to discuss the matter on May 31.  In that meeting it was agreed that Audinett, who is the Mace Bearer for the House of Representatives will no longer be welcomed in the Senate proceedings for the remainder of the Senate investigations.  That decision was made three weeks ago but the notice just came in today from the National Assembly via an email.  Yellowman became quite popular back in 2005 when he was the front-liner and fire starter for the United Democratic Party just prior to the 2008 elections.