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Mafredi villagers construct water supply tower

Villagers of Mafredi in the Toledo District have worked together to construct a concrete water supply tower for a water supply system. Paul Mahung found out why the tower was desperately needed.

Paul Mahung, Love FM: Phase one of the water supply systems is completed as explained by Mafredi Village Chairman Carmelo Perez who spoke to Love News at the project site.

Carmelo Perez, Mafredi Village Chairman: “We are building a water system in this village. So far we have phase one completed which is the water tower. I’m so pleased to inform that the village of Mafredi came out with full force to build this water tower. This water tower was built because the materials were donated by Mr.Robert Popoff and Mr.Mitch Osborne, they came with their team and they donated all the materials towards this water tower so I’m so pleased to announce that the whole community came out with full force to volunteer and build this water tower and we are going to continue to build this water system until it is fully completed. I am hereby asking the government of Belize and Rural Development to assist us in any way possible mostly with piping and other necessary things that we need to complete this water system.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM: How many families will benefit from this new water supply system?

Carmelo Perez, Mafredi Village Chairman: “We have approximately sixty families, we have thirty families living here in the community so far and then we have thirty-two more house lots through the back here which are going to benefit from this water system.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM: “Perez emphasized that phase two of the project including the elevated water tank and the laying of PVC pipes to the village homes is a very much needed priority as completion of the water supply system for Mafredi Villagers would be welcomed before the next dry season. Any assistance is appreciated and contact can be made to Mafredi Village Chairman Carmelo Perez at 622-9915 or 602-3228.”