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Magistrate to Be Charged for Rape Upon His Return to Belize

Love News has received reports that a charge sheet has been prepared for the Court Magistrate for which he will be arraigned by next Wednesday.  The magistrate is currently out of the country thus the delay in getting him to the Dangriga court room.  We first brought you this story on April 24, 2017 where a woman has alleged that she was raped by the magistrate in southern Belize.  The report by the young woman was made twenty four days ago.  In an effort to maintain our standards of ethics and professionalism, we have not released the name of the accused as he is yet to be charged.  Interestingly, this magistrate was in a similar situation about thirteen years ago when he was charged for engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.  According to the Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte the magistrate would be presumed innocent and therefore his position in the judiciary would be dependent on the discretion of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission who can decide whether or not to suspend his services in the courtroom until the completion of the case.