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Magistrate’s vehicle stolen and burned

Police are investigating the theft and subsequent burning of a vehicle over the weekend. According to police, 34 year old Shanti Morrison, a Magistrate of Ladyville reported that her Ford Edge SUV that was parked in front of her house went missing. This morning Police explained that the vehicle was completely destroyed.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head of CIB, Belize City
“Saturday Morning there was a vehicle on fire near the Chetumal Bridge. This vehicle was reported stolen by somebody from Ladyville. We cannot exactly tell you if it is the same vehicle because it does not have a license plate number and the VIN number all the vehicle was completely destroyed and it is very difficult for us to track to see if it is the same vehicle that was reported stolen that was involved in this fire.”

This evening police reported that Morrison identified the vehicle as hers. The vehicle is valued at six-five thousand dollars.