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Maheia Says Expedition is A Go for April 30

Love News spoke to Head of Belize Territorial Volunteers, Wil Maheia following the warning issued by Government officials about this weekend’s planned trip.  Maheia responded to the statements.


“I don’t understand how we can put anyone at risk when we have zero weapons with us. We are going there as peaceful citizens of Belize, so I don’t understand why we are putting people at risk. Nobody on our expedition is going to be carrying any kind of weapon, we made that clear so I expect that it will be a peaceful event. It’s an important event commemorating the 157 year of the signing of our border treaty when our borders were actually established. For me it’s a very important day in the history of this country.”

Prime Minister Barrow also spoke about some protocols that are to be put in place between the Sarstoon and the adjacency zone governing civilian traffic.  Maheia says there is no need for such protocols.


“I don’t really understand why we need a protocol when we have a clearly defined borderline. Everybody says that the Sarstoon Island belongs to us so I don’t understand why we need a protocol for the Sarstoon River. We know where the border line is at, there is nothing that we could make mistake, we are not going to go into Guatemala, the deepest part of the north point of the river belongs to us. All the countries in the world when we got our borders recognized our borders so I don’t really understand why a protocol  for the Sarstoon is needed. I could understand they would want us to slow our boats because we might hurt a manatee but for civilians to peacefully go up what is rightfully ours then I don’t see why we need protocols for that.”

Maheia says that as far as he is concerned, the trip to the Sarstoon on April 30, is still on.


“As of now like I said I didn’t hear the press conference I’ve received some calls referencing it but It’s not a decision that I make myself, I have to consult with my team and then we will go from there but the last I heard from the team is that the trip is on. Of course this is before the press conference. We will meet again but as of now the trip is one.”

The trip to the Sarstoon is to commemorate the Boundary Treaty that was signed on April 30, 1859.