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Mahler walks from Attempted Murder

Twenty-six-year-old Alber Mahler, charged with attempted murder, was acquitted of the charge today by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial without a jury. After the prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell, closed its case, Mahler’s attorney, Kareem Musa, submitted that he does not have a case to answer to. Musa said that the Crown has not proved that Mahler intended to murder the complainant, Linsford Lord and that there were inconsistencies in the testimony of Lord and his girlfriend. Musa also submitted that there was no evidence from the Crown as to whether the firearm was real or a fake. He said both Lord and his girlfriend had testified that they could not tell if the firearm was real. Justice Lucas upheld the submission and found Mahler not guilty. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. on October 6, 2012. According to the evidence from the Crown, Mahler pointed a firearm at Lord’s face and pulled the trigger three times and each time the gun misfired. After the third time, Lord got on his bicycle and rode off.