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Mahogany Heights Man Fatally Shot

One man is dead following a shooting incident that occurred this afternoon in Belize City. Thirty-nine-year-old Roman “Magnes” Requena was socializing in a yard at the corner of Magazine Road and Logwood Street when he was shot and killed. Details are forthcoming but reports indicate that the Mahogany Heights resident traveled to the city to purchase groceries and was to return home this evening. Our newsroom spoke to his common-law wife, Pauline Requena who says she had spoken to the victim moments before his death. 

Pauline Requena, Common-law wife: “I just spoke to him. I just spoke to him. He said babe I’m coming right now. He said I’m coming right now I’ll boil the chicken and the soup. The man was a person he helped everybody, he liked work once there is work he works. He encourage people to work. He took people to go work. So he was a giver, he was a person who liked to laugh and talk especially when he’s drunk. Apart from that he’s a nice person, he’s friends with everybody he helps everybody and I expected him at home, he was supposed to be here a long time ago.”

Requena leaves behind two teenage children. Our newsroom will have more on this heinous murder in Monday’s newscast.