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Mail Service gets a boost

Though the world is more connected through social media and instant messaging services, the Belize Post Office is still mandated to keep the old way of doing things moving and that includes the movement of packages. Earlier today, the Postmaster General, James Gabourel said the post office received two new mail vans to aid in the delivery of its service and products across the country.

James Gabroul Postmaster General: “These mail vans are a donation from the Universal Postal Union Quality of Service Fund. These mail vans will be used for the delivery of mail namely to the Northern and Western parts of this country. I must mention that the Post office deliver mails daily all the way to the Western border and all the way to the northern border. The value of this donation is estimated to cost over $130,000 Bz and so we are indeed grateful to the Universal Postal Union Quality of Service Fund. There has been a change in the dynamics of mail.”

Jose Sanchez: “As you are well aware people are online, they can use different message services, personal messages, and at the same time we have large companies such as Amazon and Ebay that are also in the shipment of goods. Are you seeing an influx when it comes to goods and an adverse impact on personal letters as it you would have in the days of our grandparents gone by?”

James Gabourel Postmaster General: What I have been seeing, our recent statistics will point to this, is that we have seen this year an increase in the processing of regular mails which is unusual because over the past two years we have seen a dip in the volumes of regular mails we would receive. However while that is the case with regular mails I can say that in terms of parcels and packages the volumes remain consistent. We continue to see an increase in that area.”

Jose Sanchez: Is there a profit, certainly we make profit from these and as a matter of fact when you consider the issue of internet, the issue of E Commerce, one of the things that customers require when they would do purchases by way of the internet is for those items to be received speedily and hence the reason the post office created for some years now our EMS (Express Mail Service). With the Express mail service we guarantee you delivery of your mails coming in from the US within 3-5 business days.”

Edmond Castro Minister of Transport: “Even those who use email and Whatsapp and Viber and so to go an purchase the stuff in New York, Canada or Russia still need to get their goods home so the postal service is reengineering itself so they can use technology to fit in and deliver goods or service to the world really and especially here for us in Belize. With donations like this from the Universal postal union it makes life easier for them in terms of delivery of mails throughout the country and I am sure there are other equipments that they will be able to tap into from those funds.”