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Major Bust for Fisheries, Audubon and Police

On Monday we told you of nineteen men who would be facing charges after going against several fishing regulations.  Today, we stand corrected as it is not nineteen men but rather twenty nine men who are looking to be arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court after they were found with three thousand three hundred undersized conch.  A raid was conducted last Friday in the south through a collaboration between the Fisheries Department, Belize Audubon Society and the Belize Police Department which resulted in the find of the undersized conch plus almost five hundred fish fillet without skin patches.  Skin patch laws were effected to differentiate between the ones species that keep the Barrier Reef clean and others.  The operation took place in the Lighthouse Atoll.  Nine of the men were arraigned yesterday.  They are from the Corozal District and they are being held responsible for more than fifty percent of the bust.  These men are between eighteen and sixty two years old and are Eder Patt, Nagail Baptist, Fidel Chulun, Hipolito Goroscia, Hilaro Teck, Melvin Marquez, Roberto de la Cruz, Alvaro de la Cruz and Jose Monzon.  They have pled guilty to the charges and their fines tally to about thirty thousand Belize dollars.  According to Compliance Officer at the Fisheries Department, Hampton Gamboa among the twenty nine being arraigned, there are several repeat offenders.