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Major Changes to Occur at the KHMH

KHMH’s CEO Michelle Cox-Hoare is on her way out. She’s been the Chief Executive Officer of the national referral hospital for the past four years after having served as the Director of Nursing Services. Love News understands that Hoare was not terminated, but rather, her contract was not renewed. The post of CEO is not the only one which is now being put out to tender. We learned that the hospital’s Human Resource Manager, Candice Miller is also on her way out while the Director of Finance resigned. So that’s three senior and essential posts that are currently up for grabs. In an interview with the Chair of the KHMHA Board, Doctor Andre Sosa, he explained to Love News why these contracts are not being renewed.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMHA Board: “This all comes out of a decision by the board that all contracts will need to be advertised and that’s primarily for posts at middle and upper level of management. This in no way means that there is any dissatisfaction with any one of the persons involved rather it is something that will be implemented across the board and certainly the persons whose contracts are coming to an end are welcomed to apply again as well. I think that what we’re looking for is to ensure that the very best talent and candidates in the country can be interviewed for these posts so that the Belizean public will be well served.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: But the likelihood that these people be rehired is nearly impossible because if that was the case as you mentioned then they could have applied their contracts would have been renewed.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMHA Board: “I think you can’t presuppose anything Hipolito and you know you should not read anything sinister into it. I think it’s a new way of trying to do things and that’s it at face value. The financial director stated personal reasons as to why he is resigning, he hasn’t volunteered what those reasons are so until and unless he volunteers that I don’t think it’s appropriate to probe.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: What about salaries in terms for the new contracts ? Would that be reduced given the economic status of the KHMH and of course the country ?

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMHA Board: “Well you may recall in a previous interview that we had that the management, staff and union of the KHMH had the foresight of setting in place cost saving measures that have been instituted throughout 2020 and thanks to those savings that were accrued at this point there is no contemplation of any reduction of salaries. Karl Heusner is ahead of the curve and it did what the rest of the public service didn’t do.”

According to Doctor Sosa, the posts will be advertised. He says that the decision not to renew has nothing to do with the CEO’s performance. In fact, Dr. Sosa described Cox-Hoare as a consummate professional.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chair, KHMHA Board: “The post will be advertised and as I said applications are open for anyone with the qualifications and with the interest to apply. Meantime we will have another one of the directors holding over till we make a decision as to the best person for the post. We are making strides towards remedying the situation with regards to infrastructure and CEO Hoare has played a vital role in planning for the way forward. Again as I said I was just talking to her a bit earlier and we updated ourselves on some of those plans so none at all, she has been a consummate professional.”

A meeting with the KHMHA Workers Union was held this evening to keep union leaders abreast of the situation.