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Major Conch Bust Near Alligator Head Caye

There was a major conch bust that took place by the Fisheries Department yesterday in the area of Alligator Head Caye just south of Belize City.  The members of the department were patrolling the area when they happened upon a sailboat containing undersized conch.  Hampton Gamboa, Fisheries Officer spoke to the media on the incident.


The four fishermen were all arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court today.  21-year-old Yadir Vargas was charged for having sixty eight market-clean undersized conch; 31-year-old, Freddy Cortez was charged for two hundred and twenty two undersized fillet conch; 49-year-old, Cipriano Virgilio Flores was charged for one hundred and thirty nine undersized fillet conch and 18-year-old, Ricky Teck was charged for two hundred and ninety nine market-clean undersized conch.  The four fishermen, who are from the northern districts, pled not-guilty and were granted bail of one thousand five hundred dollars each plus a surety of the same amount; they are to reappear in court on March 11, 2016.