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Major Eric Neal Being Laid to Rest

Today, was day one of the funeral services for Belize Defence Force Major Eric Richard Neal, who passed away on October one. The body of the former Aide de Camp for former Governor-General, Sir Colville Young was available for viewing this afternoon at the Sir Colville Young Parade Square at Price Barracks in Ladyville. Neal’s family and friends along with members from the BDF and the Scouts gathered to pay their respects to the fallen soldier before his body was taken to his family home in the Married Quarters of Price Barracks where he remained for an hour. Brigadier General and Commander of the BDF, Steven Ortega says Neal’s death leaves a vacuum in the force.

Brigadier General Steven Ortega, Commander, Belize Defence Force: “As you can see it’s a very somber time for us in the BDF as we lay to rest one of our officers. It is always a testing time when a family member dies and so this is how it is for us right now here in the force. Major Neal I think joined about seventeen, eighteen years ago and I know he did his officer training in Guyana and he was one of the few officers in the BDF who would always stress on academics. “Guys get your academics going.” You know, “Get your Masters, get your Bachelors, get your degree program going.” and so that was one of the things he always stressed on and I believe that’s one legacy that he will eave with us and I believe the officers coming behind would understand the need for such. We do have a remembrance plaque that we have in front of our headquarters which is to remember all our fallen and their names are etched on that and they’re celebrated which will be coming up shortly the 11th of the 11th which is when we celebrate all the fallen throughout all the history of the armed forces.”

Tomorrow there will be a procession that will carry Neal to the Homeland Memorial Cemetery. The procession will leave from Price Barracks, Ladyville at 2:00 PM and will move through the John Smith Link Road to the cemetery for the 3:00 PM interment service.