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Major Jones Continues Campaign in BRN

The General Elections for Belize is expected to take place within the next five months where the thirty one seats in the House of Representatives will be contested.  While there are several areas that the party supporters and members will be keeping a close eye on, there is one seat that the Opposition Party, PUP, took great pride in when they announced the candidate who also served as a replacement for Arthur Saldivar.  Retired military personnel, Major Lloyd Jones had his candidacy announced at the PUP’s Headquarters earlier this year and was officially endorsed on September 6 for the Belize Rural North division.  Major Jones undoubtedly has his work cut out for him in the area as he will have to market himself against Edmond Castro, who is currently serving his second consecutive term as the Area Representative for Belize Rural North.  From the get go, however, Jones did tell the media that he is not the ordinary politician.  Today, he stands by that statement and spoke to Love News on how his campaign in the division is going.


“Well, I think from the get go I stated that I am not the usual politician.  I am a citizen who has become fed up with the current political arrangements and I’m offering myself for service in Belize Rural North. I don’t have to win and I don’t intend to win by any means necessary. I think if you contrast the Honorable Edmund Castro and myself there can be no way you would choose him over Major Jones, it’s as simple as that, but that decision really belongs to the people and as the Honorable Prime Minister often says, the will of the people is sovereign. If it is Castro that you want then you have a right to elect him as your representative. I can’t hold any malice with people because of that. I continue to do my work; I go door to door, I talk to every single person  and I share with them, ideas.  And people can tell you that in very limited circumstances I even mentioned the name of the Honorable Edmund Castro. I am selling me, I am trying to show people why Major Jones is a far better candidate than the existing representative and after you’ve done all that then the people make up their minds and when they make up their minds you live with the consequences.”