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Major Jones Says the Magic Is About to Happen in BRN

So, we have told you of the water system being implemented in Gardenia Village in the Belize District while yesterday we brought you the story of electricity being given to residents of Bomba Village.  Water in Gardenia and electricity in Bomba have been much needed utilities in those areas and while the villagers are welcoming the infrastructure, PUP’s Standard Bearer for the area, Major Lloyd Jones says these could have been done from a long time ago and that the Area Representative, Edmond Castro intentionally stalled these projects for the election season.


“The social services are also a challenge; basic access to water, potable water, in terms of Gardenia and Biscayne and Boston on the Old Northern Highway; in Maypen which is a small community remains a challenge. I know that there is a project on going now as we speak and strangely enough just in time for elections to get water into Gardenia and parts of Biscayne but there is nothing yet for Boston and other areas on the Old Northern Highway. Access to electricity and even within the communities that already have for the most part, their electricity.  Some of the new areas are without electricity. We were just yesterday in Lucky Strike and there is a family there right next to the main infrastructure for electricity without electricity. There is a lady in Scotland Halfmoon who is required to pay $7,000 to get electricity to her home, she has seven children her husband and herself and there is no way an average citizen can find that kind of money to pay for electricity. In Bomba the infrastructure, in terms of the high voltage was put in for some time now and all that was needed was the step down the transformers to make it into the homes, that did not happen and again because of the elections season now you are seeing these kinds of things happening and I think this is a great part of the problem that we have in Belize; that everything is delayed and curtailed until election time until they give the people the impression that things are being done but since 2008 the people in Gardenia and Biscayne have been wanted water, they were not able to get it. Since 2008 the people in Bomba wanted access to electricity and they were not able to get it but because of November 4 the magic is about to happen.”