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Major Lloyd Jones officially endorsed as Belize Rural North standard bearer

The People’s United Party took their Power to the People tour to Rural Belize North this past weekend. They held the rally in Sandhill Village where approximately seven hundred persons watched on as Retired Major, Lloyd Jones, was endorsed as the Party’s Standard Bearer for Belize Rural North.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

Voters from the Belize Rural North and Central along with other from across the country converged in Sandhill Village for another leg of the People’s United “Party-Power to the People” Tour. Some of the PUPs Standard Bearer showed up. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia is the current Area Representative and the Party’s Standard Bearer for Belize Rural Central. Balderamos-Garcia will contest the next general elections against her UDP political opponent, Beverly Castillo.”

Dolores Balderamos Garcia – Area representative, Belize Rural Central

“The PUP is coming back and we are coming back strong. I want to say this afternoon ladies and gentlemen that we will make sure that when elections are called that we will not only send a message to Dean Barrow,  but we will send a message to each and every UDP that they are going home from Belmopan.”

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“This segment of the Power to the People tour was held in conjunction with the endorsement of Retired Major, Lloyd Jones for the Belize Rural North Division. Jones, who replaced Arthur Saldivar, recently decided to take up politics. He will go against the United Democratic Party’s incumbent Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro.

Retired Major, Lloyd Jones – PUP Standard Bearer, Belize Rural North

All across our division I have seen your suffering first hand. Whether it is our elderly struggling to make ends meet or our hardworking parents bending under this crushing system, this education system that has become way too expensive. Or whether it is our young people who listen to us when we say “go to school and you’ll get a good job” year after year we are graduating students and have nothing for them to do, a promise deferred. Too many in this division are without the basic needs. It is completely unacceptable that in 2015 the beautiful village of Bomba is still without electricity.

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“Edmund Castro remains undefeated and just recently, he was unsuccessfully challenged by Dwight Tillett. In that UDP convention, Castro garnered more than one thousand five hundred votes. However, Jones is confident that he will deliver a seat for the PUP, so much so that he has drafted a plan how to assist the voters of Belize Rural North.

Retired Major, Lloyd Jones – PUP Standard Bearer, Belize Rural North

“We are talking about a program that focuses on people, agriculture and tourism because we believe that if we make the right investments in these three key areas it will help to move all of our people out of poverty.

Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“Those in the crowd were given the opportunity to voice out their concerns, which is what the tour is really about- to have the people and the Leader of the party interact.

Francis Fonseca – Leader PUP

“At the core and foundation of our PUP agenda for change is the recognition that power belongs to the people. As you all know only too well for eight long years Belize has been ruled by one man, one man has run Belize.”

Retired Major, Lloyd Jones – PUP Standard Bearer, Belize Rural North

“I truly Believe that you are worthy of a life full with dignity. I truly believe that you are worthy of sound representation in the House of Representatives and that is why, my people, I have reported for duty.