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Major political parties hold conventions out west

Mayor Khalid Belisle will once again head the slate for the United Democratic Party into the next municipal elections. A convention was held yesterday to finalize the slate. There was some controversy as Councilor Anna Banner Guy was omitted from the official party slate. Banner Guy was not pleased as she felt she was shunned by the officialdom of the party in Belmopan. She took to social media to voice her concerns. And while Banner Guy claimed that she was intentionally left off the slate because she did not support Belmopan area representative, John Saldivar, he claims that the party could not wait for Banner Guy to decide whether she would contest or not. According to Saldivar, because of that uncertainty, the party looked for new potential candidates. Banner Guy would not be fazed and decided to challenge for the opportunity to once again be on the slate. Following the final tally of votes, Chairman of the UDP, Alberto August shared the figures and Khalid Belisle who was unchallenged for the Mayoral seat addressed the gathering.

Alberto August – Chairman, UDP
“A total of 1,067 persons came out to cast their ballots, of that amount we will now report the results. We have Anna Banner Guy with 512 votes, we have Paul Chun with 702 votes, we have Isidoro Galvez with 734 votes. Angel Pastrana with 747 votes, Gem Pascasio with 754 votes, Jacqueline Burns with 769 votes and topping the poles is Angel Pastrana with 786 votes. I would like to now call on his worship the mayor of Belmopan.”

Mayor Khalid Belisle
“Thanking that 1067 voters of Belmopan who came out to participate in the democratic process, ours is a truly great party and I’m happy you took the time out to cast that ballot so that you can have a say in the team that will represent the UDP in next March’s municipal elections. I want to congratulate sitting councillor Anna Banner Guy on a race very well run, she has nothing to be ashamed of as far as I’m concerned and I look forward to working with her over the course of the next six and a half months that she remains in office. I would like to welcome back the three councilor candidates who are currently sitting Jacqueline Burns, Ms. Louise Willis and Councilor Pastrana, welcome back to the team and of course I would like to welcome our new team members who will be a part of a victorious UDP slate come March 2018; Ms. Gem Pascasio, Isidoro Galvez and Mr. Paul Tun we welcome you to the team and we look forward to doing great things for the City of Belmopan together you all.”

The People’s United Party held their convention for their slate to contest in the twin towns of San Ignacio Santa Elena. The Mayoral post was contested by Javier Castellanos, Marconi Matus and Arthur Smith. Following the election, Marconi Matus was victorious. Javier Castellanos and Arthur Smith agreed to run as Councilor candidates. The other candidates are Floyd Lemus, Zoila Palma, Elio Pulido and Jeoffrey Windsor. The Oath of Office was administered by Party Chairman Henry Usher. The venue for the convention was Sacred Heart College.