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Majority of Church Leaders Boycott Belize/Guatemala Meeting

An educational campaign on the Belize Guatemala referendum is currently underway countrywide. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been meeting with different groups of society. A meeting with the clergy of Belize had recently been scheduled. But after everything was planned, only five representative showed up. Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, explained.


Let me clarify what happened. We were meeting all the members of the clergy and I think the delegation from Cayo claimed, actually they really had gone out on a limb because we had provided lunch at the Radisson Fort George, and the day of the lunch we were advised that in solidarity with Louis Wade and some problem he had with the police the majority would not come. So we are paying and preparing for 35 people to come and have dinner and five turn out. But I understand Belize; I don’t make any negative comment on that people are free to do that kind of thing. I had nothing to do with it, I was simply hosting it so that we could educate them on the Belize Guatemala issue so they can tell their parishioners but at the last moment we were informed that because of something with Louis Wade they were in solidarity, what can I do?”

The educational campaign is being headed by Ambassador Stuart Leslie.