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Majority of Person Admitted at the KHMH are Un-vaccinated Says Dr. Coye

Since the start of August the KHMH has had forty one persons hospitalized. Of that amount only one person was fully vaccinated. According to Dr Coye the month of August 2021 has seen the highest number in hospitalized patients. He went further to explain several factors to be considered when getting vaccinated.

Dr.Adrian Coye, Director of Medical Services, KHMH: “I can say even for this month for the forty one cases that we have twelve are vaccinated but the word vaccinated is being used loosely in the sense that only one of them had two doses and vaccinated really should be that you had two doses and it’s two weeks after to say that ‘I am vaccinated.’ after the second dose. Eleven of these patients have had a first dose and again that just is a reflection then of the profile or the severity or the change of characteristics of the variants that we are dealing with but it’s certainly not the same profile and clinical picture as we saw last year. It’s different now and younger people are here and younger patients are actually dying. It speaks to more social consciousness where are are as people or we see our outlooks in life but what they must understand is decisions that they make is not always directly related to them. Indirectly and very much too directly it is that you impact the quality of life or you may endanger people’s lives that are closest to you and further away from you by this very nature of thing. So if I drink and drive and I crash into someone I am going to be held by the law accountable and then you can do the same comparison as to when it comes to vaccination and other things that people continue to do.”

Dr Coye went on to make an appeal to those who have not been vaccinated. He explained that every person needs to take into consideration how their decisions affect their family and friends and how they can create medical and economic hardships for others.

Dr.Adrian Coye, Director of Medical Services, KHMH: “This is human tragedy at its greatest. One death is too much. One admission is too much because in the end it costs, the emotional/physical burden is unquantifiable. Even those – and the reality is we don’t know the full extent of this condition and that’s the scariest part of it. You know that 18% or so of our population are hypertensive, maybe 15% diabetic. Imagine with those burdens already that was hard on our health system you insert a new condition and maybe in the end 20% of our society might have been infected or so I don’t know the numbers but I can tell you what the burden will be. Many more times because even with mild disease and the changes in your lung – ‘Yes I got over COVID.’ ‘I didn’t have anything.’ this and that but three months down the road you’re having memory difficulty, you can’t focus at work, that fogginess that people describe, you suddenly can’t do things that you can usually do easily running up a steps etc, you have lung changes because that is well recognized that even with mild disease many months after you’re gonna have all these different lung COVID type symptoms and syndromes so this is truly it will be played out in many more ways than we can imagine. This is just the beginning, we’re just seeing the first part about it and that human tragedy is really really immense and it’s not unique, it’s not that only Belize is experiencing it , it is being experienced in our regions. I mean in Jamaica where all those major facilities they’re all overrun, people are waiting to get on a ventilator and things like that, we don’t have that situation but why wait for it ? Why plan for it ? We should really try to reverse our fortunes in a way that is national.”