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Making Cattle Big for Belize

On Tuesday we brought you the story of the first duty free cattle import into Guatemala that took place via the western border.  Minister of Agriculture, Godwin Hulse spoke more of the cattle industry and how he sees this sector expanding.


“One of the reasons I’m in this whole business and take all the licks I do politically and otherwise is because I have always had one focus, I was in the private sector, I grew rice and cattle and my issue was how on earth you sell your product and back just after independence when we institute the national heard policy that crippled the cattle industry and of course we restricted the exportation of rice because we required it for domestic consumption, crippled the rice industry and we are just barely recovering. There has been many opportunities along the way. With the recent cattle sweep where the cattle are all registered and people know and they are ear tagged I am hoping to see this move into great benefits for the farmers; the price is pretty good and there is no reason we can’t produce excellent cattle for export, not only cows on the hoof but also beef because that is where it should be, getting the value added not only exporting your live animals but exporting beautiful cuts that is where we are going.”

The shipment went out at around 8pm on Monday, February 13, 2017.