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Making citizen security a priority

It may have just been coincidental but a United Nations Joint National Steering Committee meeting held today, citizen security was the main topic. Christian Salazar Volkmann, the UNDP Representative for Belize told Love News that citizen security is not only about reducing the crime rate.

Christian Salazar Volkman UNDP Representative: We have been reviewing the verbal cooperation of UN agencies, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO with the country. One of those priority areas of our cooperation of citizen security and here I think we had a important exchange and it is important to understand citizen security not just as the task of law enforcement or Police. A good police force; well trained also we put internal controls for any misconduct in corruption is important to have definitely but the problems of citizen security and guarantee citizen security go beyond the police. There must be a good investment into education of the population. Jobs for young people for example and a very good continuous discussion engagement with the communities so we were discussing these issues at the importance of moving forward quickly with an integrated plan and the good coordination between the different agencies that have to collaborate to create an enabling environment for citizen security. You can have strong Police intervention that may control crime for a bit but if there is not good prevention work for young people being conducted for example it won’t be sustainable so these type of problem where the citizens security aspect development has picked up the development aspects of the work of the state and support of UN agencies intersect.

Volkmann noted that all the problems are interconnected; therefore, there is a need for collaboration among the different institutions to bring about sustainable change.

Christian Salazar Volkmann – UNDP Representative, Belize

Christian Salazar Volkman UNDP Representative: All of these issues today are comprehensive and they require really a new culture and underpinning course transparent and a fight against corruption and so the whole package today we are looking at in our meeting like this helps us to brings stakeholders together and to reflect about this key challenges like what Belize facing today.

The meeting identified areas where the government needs to focus, where the private sector can contribute, and where the United Nations can contribute more technical assistance.