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Making decent work a reality

On July 5, the Cooperatives Department held their 97th International Day of Cooperatives under the theme, “Coops 4 Decent Work”.  An event took place at the San Ignacio Welcome Centre and highlighted the goals and objectives of the United Nations and the International Cooperative Movement which is making decent work a reality for all. The day promoted “sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.” Gareth Murillo, Registrar of Cooperatives, told Love News that the event was to promote the cooperative model and its benefits of forming one.

Gareth Murillo – Registrar of Cooperatives: “You can look at it from that perspective, one of the other perspectives we look at it from is whether the benefits of forming a cooperative in particular for youth it could be where you have that entrepreneurial spirit but you may not necessarily have the capital or even the access to the capital to apply that entrepreneurial spirit and to start a business. The idea behind a cooperative is that then you may be able to pool your resources, your capacities with people of similar interests and thereby start a business enterprise. Of course there is always room for improvement, you know we rely on those two main particular sectors of course in terms of tourism and agriculture but of course there are other areas that are certainly developing. One area in particular is the matter of services and that is where our Transportation cooperatives and our Tourism-related cooperatives were thrown out so there is some potential for the services sector. What I would suggest is for and in particular youth would be to do some research, look into the history of cooperatives across the world. There are many kinds of literature available online, the matter of cooperatives are covered by the United Nations under the International Labor Organization and there is also a body called the International Cooperative Alliance. Both have websites with very detailed information on what is currently ongoing, on the past and on the history as it relates to the development of cooperatives internationally.”

Belize currently has 66 active Cooperatives from all sectors from the Industry sector to the Arts and Crafts sector and there is still room for more Cooperatives to be created.//////