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Making PG’s roads safe

A two day planning meeting of representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development Road Safety Project and Punta Gorda Town Council Traffic Committee ended today in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

A main participant at the meeting was Chairman of Punta Gorda Town Council Traffic Committee, Ivan Avilez.

Chairman of Punta Gorda Town Council Traffic Committee, Ivan Avilez

The meeting is to finalize the Punta Gorda Road Safety Operational Plan for the period 2016 to 2021. We worked tirelessly over a two day period to finalize it and we’re just about almost finished. It’s a nice plan. The plan should be ready for publication I guess in November.

Paul Mahung, Love FM

One of the planning and discussion sessions facilitator was monitoring and evaluation officer of Ministry of Economic Development Road Safety Project Faith Cunningham.

Monitor & Evaluation Officer, Faith Cunningham.

“The plan basically gives the traffic department and the town council, the benefit of working together to come up with a five year guide as to what it is that they want to accomplish. The plan includes various things such as the streets that will be upgraded, streets that have been upgraded already, improving culverts, bridges, improving road safety awareness and education for the population and the aim of the project and the partnership here is to try to reduce the amount of traffic incidents that occur in the municipality and surrounding areas as well as to make sure that every road user is able to utilize the road ways in a safe manner so that they are able to arrive at their location. On the committee we have representation from the Town Council, the traffic department, the police, the fire as well as the private sector and the business community. So it’s a multi-sectoral initiative and we expect to have the plan completed and signed on to by the end of October this year.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“Cunningham was assisted by Ministry of Economic Development Road Safety Project Manager Pamela Scott who commented that the meeting and planning sessions were productive and helpful for the effective implementation of the Road Safety Project in this municipality.”