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Making the Belmopan Walkways Safe for Students

Also speaking on the murder of Leroy Cus is the Association of Student Governments of the University of Belize. The Association said that this is another eye-opener to many, reminding us of how risky it can be to simply walk home from a bus terminal. Today, Police Commissioner Chester Williams told Love News that steps are being taken to make the walkway safer. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Oftentimes people expect the police to be everywhere at the same time. We’re really limited in numbers and we try as best as we can to stretch ourselves, to cover as much ground as we possibly can. The walkway in Belmopan has been a perennial problem and we have put in place a walkway patrol. But, again, you find that the walkway is almost two miles long and so the officers have to move around. They don’t stay in one particular area and certainly the criminal elements are going to take advantage of the opportunity when the officers move to another location to commit their crime. Nonetheless, we have to look at what more can be done to make it more safe especially now that we have schools open, particularly UB and students tend to use the walkway a lot. We want to ensure our students are safe going to and from school so what we’ll do is to see how we can put, even on campus, during the hours of 6 pm and 8:30 pm, police officers and then when it comes to the walkway, I am meeting with the area rep this afternoon, Ms. Amira, and we’re gong to see if we can approach BEL to put some lights on the walkway because the darkness is an issue.”