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Mali Herrera has been discharged from KHMH

Seven-year-old Mali Herrera, who was shot in her back on October 24th while inside her house on New Road, is back home. The child was with her grandmother 60-year-old Judith Rocke watching the news in their living room when gunshots rang out and both were hit. Police continue to investigate the case but today, ASP Cowo told the media that the family is still not cooperating with police.

“Thanks to the almighty the minor has been discharged from the KHMH she is in a better condition however we still have visited them, several attempts have been made to record statements from them but up to now, they have not provided any statement. Yes, we had two suspects that were detained in custody where we interviewed them however we don’t have direct evidence against them and had to release them but we are still waiting for a statement from the mother and the other victims to come in so that we can deal with the situation.”