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Man ambushed and killed

46 year-old Luis Sierra was found dead today after he was shot yesterday evening. According to police, Sierra along with 30-year-old Ramon Teck and Lindon Lewis were at a farm in the Valley Community on the Hummingbird Highway when a Hispanic man came out of the bushes and reportedly fired a single shot at them. The gunman pointed the gun at Teck, but he ran in the bushes and managed to escape.  According to Sierra’s family, they received a phone call from him where he informed them that he had been shot. His sister Marisol Erazo believes that he was lured to his death.

We were searching for my brother and then when we were maybe a hundred of us mostly family and then we were already getting tired but my little brother said that we had to keep going and then the police kept going to rest every minute and I told the police that they need to do this, that we need to find him. We found him, my little brother found him in a hole.


“Was he buried?”

Marisol Erazo – Sister

“No. He was trying to escape when he got shot but then he fell in a hole because where it happened there were lots of ditches.”


“Okay what lead to the shooting do you know what lead to it?”

Marisol Erazo – Sister

“They were trying to steal his money. It was a robbery but it was a set up. They were beating the guy and finally he said that the gave them a map to where my brother was…”

Police found a point thirty-eight SPL Revolver along with four live rounds of ammunition in the area. They also retrieved one expended shell. Police have launched a full investigation.