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Man attacked by killer bees

A Belize City resident was surprised by Africanized bees also known as killer bees early this morning. Leonard Usher Junior who lives at the Corner of Mahogany and Mopan Streets was attacked by a swarm of bees as he stepped out of his yard. Love News spoke with Usher about the incident.

Leonard Usher Jr.: “Coming out of my yard this morning to take care of some business as usual.”

Reporter:  About what time was this ?

Leonard Usher Jr: “This was about after seven or a quarter past seven something like that and stepping out of my yard the bees just attacked me. I had to run into the shop to run from them but they chased me from there and I had to run up the street. From there they kept coming but somehow they left me alone and that is how I picked up my bike and that was it.”

Reporter: Were there other people on the street?

Leonard Usher Jr: “No just my neighbors who were coming from church and I explained to them the situation and advised them to be careful when walking around there.”

The Agriculture Department has been contacted and will be looking into the matter.