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Man attacks ex, is charged for wounding and released

Police have charged 40-year-old Belizean Russell Casimiro for wounding after he reportedly attacked his ex-common-law wife.  The incident is reported to have happened on the morning of April 2, at the woman’s house just as she was getting ready to go to bed. She told police that she heard a knock on her door around 12:15 that morning and heard Casimiro telling her to open the door. She refused but Casimiro reportedly climbed up the side of the house and broke into the balcony and gained entry into the house through a door that was unlocked. He proceeded to ask the woman for his phone, which she handed over. According to her, that was when he punched her in the face repeatedly causing an abrasion to her face. Police then arrested Casimiro that same day and charged him for wounding. He appeared in court today where he pled guilty and was fined one thousand dollars which he should pay by July of this year. He was released. We understand that the woman has obtained a three month protection order against Casimiro.