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Man badly beat during mini riot at Kolbe Foundation

Yesterday, Love News reported on a mini-riot that occurred at the Kolbe Foundation. According to the prison’s CEO, Virgilio Murillo, the incident was nothing major and it was quelled within ten to twenty minutes. However, it seems this miniature riot may have been bigger than he hinted to. Not only did three prison officers receive various degrees of injury, but one of the prisoners, Marvin Philips, is claiming that he was badly beaten as the officers tried to subdue them. Murillo had told us yesterday that the officers were able to simply bring the prisoners to the ground and handcuffing them, but Philips, in particular, sustained major injuries to both his arms. As seen in the photos, one of his arms is in a cast while the other is bandaged. The mini-riot was reportedly started after ten of the inmates, who were in the Tango 11 building, refused to accept the end of their recreation time. They allegedly held one of the guards hostage because they were not satisfied with the restrictions in the prison.