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Man being sought for Bribery

A man who reportedly attempted to bribe a police officer is being sought by Police. ACP Joseph Myvett shared the details.

ACP Joseph Myvett

“On Friday last San Ignacio Police was on patrol on Loma Luz Boulevard* when they stopped a vehicle in order to conduct searches and in the process, the driver alighted the vehicle where he was informed that searches would be performed on the vehicle. As a consequence, he put his hand in his pocket and attempted to pay the police. The police informed him of the offence committed and told him that he would be placed under arrest. As a result, he took out a handgun from his pocket and a struggle ensued between himself and one of the officers. In the struggle, one shot was discharged and the driver managed to free himself making good his escape and in the process, he fired two other shots toward the police officers. As a consequence to that, the police returned fire, however, searches were made in the immediate area and he has not been found since. The vehicle is impounded at the San Ignacio Police Station and searches done on the vehicle have revealed nothing further incriminating.”