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Man blames wife’s death on hospital negligence

A man who recently lost his wife to cancer, is claiming that she would still be alive if not for the negligence of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. For 15 long months, Floyd Reneau reportedly had to watch his wife suffer as colon cancer slowly killed her; the whole while not knowing that she was even affected by the disease. How does something like this happen? Today, Reneau walked us through his trips in and out of the hospital prior to the passing of his wife, 54-year-old, Irma Marie Samuels Reneau.

Floyd Reneau – Husband of deceased: “Basically my wife was hospitalized there back on the 29th of September 2017 for a common obstruction in the stomach and the evaluation of the doctor was turned over to a specialist. Seeing that she needed surgery she went into the surgical procedure at twelve o’clock at night until about 5:30 the following morning. The Doctor came out the emergency room stating that she is okay and that she is fixed up. He gave us a follow-up appointment of two weeks, she had been in the hospital for two weeks so two weeks before that we came back in here for a following check up from the Physician, he was not in. They stated that they would give us a new appointment and they would call us back to give us a new appointment date, that was not done. I took my wife back home and started treating her, feeding her healthy food, she gained her health back, she gained her weight back, still waiting for a copy of the biopsy because they took a mass from her stomach. What was the content of the mass we did not know so we are still trying to figure it out so we kept coming back and no avail, we don’t know anything. Six months later she got sick, the 23rd of June 2018 she got sick again. She was rushed back to the hospital, when she got here the doctors did not have a file on her, they didn’t have any information on her. Two other doctors kept tracking down the physician and finally we found him. Three days later the physician said that he did not remember giving a surgery. I said yes you did.”

According to Floyd, it was an ordeal he wishes upon no one.  He says to add insult to injury, a biopsy was done on his wife in November 2017 and he only got the results in February 2019.

Floyd Reneau – Husband of deceased: “To no avail they started treating her, they started to do a new procedure, to do a new biopsy, so a biopsy was taken. I privately took it to Belmopan to be tested. In two weeks the results came back and it was negative. I said it was not concrete and something is not right because now she is getting sick again because she did not look like the person she was so we kept coming back here, no response. They wanted to give her the same procedure through the same Dr. that did it and I said no. They referred us to a different doctor but it was a risky procedure because now they had to use a needle. Take into consideration that when they cut her what they saw we don’t know but the stomach started swelling and now they claim that they saw a mass, they saw a tumor. By looking through the files I am seeing that they did see a tumor but if you saw a tumor where is a copy of this biopsy report. The surgery was done November 29th, 2017, no response. June 23rd I went into the hospital and made a complaint to the complaint office.  I don’t know what happened, it didn’t get upstairs and she got sick again. November 18th I brought her back here again, same procedure: cat scan, this that and we are not getting an answer. Then they want to give her a quick fix which is a colostomy bag, she does not need a colostomy bag if she still uses the restroom. Meanwhile, she is losing blood, every two weeks she has to get a blood transfusion. We sat down and thought about it and I decided to move her to the U.S. She was taken to the U.S. on December 1st of 2018. She went to the hospital on December 2nd. In 72 hours she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

KHMH’s Public Relations manager, Tylon Tillett, responded to Reneau’s allegations via an email late this evening, stating that they acknowledge that a legal claim has been filed and it is being reviewed by the Authority’s Legal counsel. While the Authority cannot comment further, they also stated that, quote, “Any legal claim submitted requires reasonable time to allow for complete and objective review.” End of quote. We also understand that the Ministry of Health has been engaged on the issue as well. When we spoke with Dr Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services, he said that he has indeed met with Reneau and his lawyer but is unable to speak in depth since Reneau is seeking legal action. He also said that since the department has gotten a copy of the letter Reneau’s lawyer sent to KHMH, he has submitted to the Attorney General’s office to receive further advice on how to proceed. Meanwhile, the department is also doing its own internal review.///////