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Man is brutally chopped to death in his home in Lucky Strike Village

The new year began with a bang at Memorial Park in Belize City at the stroke of midnight.  Hours later, however, things got bloody and by the end of the holiday, police investigators were looking into five murders.  The first is the case involving Howard Coleman of Lucky Strike Village, Belize District. Dalila Ical has the story.

Howard was a quiet elderly person in the village. He is one of my colleagues, he visits me almost everyday, always having a lot of ups and downs with other villagers and it is really shocking as to how Howard came about his death. It is really shocking, I cant believe and I can’t understand why the whole village is in a shock right now about Howard’s death.

Dalilah Ical: “ The elderly man was chopped in his own home on the morning of January 1st. Allan Coleman’s friends said two villagers visited his house telling him that Coleman may have been attacked and that’s when he visited his long time friend.

Voice of Friend: “They visited me and said that some one inflicted chop wounds to Howard so I made and immediate visit whereby I came and found him motionless in a pool of blood in his garage.”

Dalilah Ical: “ But the police’s versions of the event differs from that which Jones was told. Acting Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that Coleman’s death was a result of a dispute with another man. The case is further compounded with an allegation of rape.

DCP Chester Williams: “Mr. Coleman’s murder is somewhat of a domestic situation and it emanates from a female where the accused man Mr. Giovanni Jones had dropped the female home and after doing so he was told to leave the home by the female and Mr. Jones refused to leave and ended up getting into a fist fight with Mr. Coleman. Mr. Coleman then walked outside and was followed by Jones where Jones inflicted the fatal chop wounds to him. After doing so Jones went back inside the house where he had sexual intercourse with the female against her will, that matter is likewise being investigated.

Voice of Friend: “Howard was quiet, he was a handy man around the community, he does wood carvings, by the way and he is a single man, he doesn’t have family right around him so he used me as his close buddy or some sort of thing like a brotherhood and he have ladies in the Altun Ha area that he visits often too but otherwise Howard is not a violent person. Howard doesn’t drink, I was made to understand that Howard was in church last night prior to his death. Coleman’s murder was the first official homicide for 2019. Jones says it’s a reality that is hard to grasp. It is really shocking, I stick to the news on a daily and I don’t watch movies, I watch news and it’s hard to believe it, it  came right at my village for the first murder of the year on the first day of the year.”