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Man charged with cattle theft

Fem Cruz reporting…

“Based on a stressful call of pig rustling in progress, Belmopan police quickly responded to William Swan’s farm on the Valley of Peace road Cayo District. Love News spoke to Inspector Stephanie Grinage officer in command of the Belmopan branch who shared with us some more information.

Inspector Stephanie Grinage

“On 26th August at about 1:30am police responded to a distress call in the Valley of Peace area in respect to a cattle theft on a farm. On approaching the said farm police observed a vehicle coming in high speed from the immediate area which sped past the police vehicle refusing to stop. A chase ensued, the vehicle was eventually stopped and the driver of the vehicle Justin Hyde of Cotton Tree Village was seen with blood stains on his clothes. A search in the immediate area led to the discovery of six dead pigs. Justin Hyde, resident of Cotton Tree village has since been arrested and charged for cattle theft.”