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Man claims he was exploited by Minister

Yesterday, we brought you an interview with Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez who denied allegations claiming that he used his employees’ bank accounts to transfer monies from the government and then had these persons withdraw the money and handed over the money to him.  We also brought you an interview with Kirk Lamb, a former employee, who emphatically stated that it did indeed happen and his account was used to perform the transactions. Today, Lamb spoke to the media, once again, about a picture that is circulating on the internet which shows him signing a document with other persons.

Kirk Lamb, Former Employee

“That is the contract that Mr. Boots took his cronies and made them sign for contract and it’s not only me that he has as a front as a contractor because an old man who is cripple can’t go do any contract. An old man who is crippled can’t do any contract or any woman can’t do any contract. It’s not only me, you have money that is passing through people’s name you know. I didn’t get any contract, I was driving a truck and I go pick up material and I drop it off at the contractor. I don’t get any job to build any house at any time. No time. You know what Boots did with me? Boots used me, rented out his building at the roundabout, lands went downstairs and Human Development is upstairs and put me in the back of a room and told me that he would build me a house and I haven’t received my house up to this day.”

Martinez claimed that he gave Lamb a house, however, Lamb sold it. However, Lamb said Martinez failed to give him a house, he only received a piece of land that he sold.