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Man claims negligence at KHMH

man is claiming that the Karl Heusner Memorial was negligent in the way his case was handled. Albert Hendy told Love News, three weeks ago he went to the institution for an MRI and was told he would have to get an emergency surgery because of complications.  Hendy said he got the surgery, however things have not improved, in fact he is paralyzed from the waist down.

Albert Hendy

‘Dr. DuPooy ordered an MRI at Belize Diagnostic. I went there got the MRI that cost me $1990. I took it back to him then he ordered for me to do the operation that same Monday but Karl Heusner didn’t have beds. What they did was the called me back that Tuesday and admitted me in but they had a bill there for $525 that I have to pay before I can be admitted so I didn’t have that money. I went ahead and made a deal with them asking them if I could pay down one hundred and pay down the rest that was for hospitalization, surgery and the paper said that I would have been able to walk after three days. The three days became three weeks after I took the operation. Now this is the way I’m left, paralyzed from the waist down, my two fingers I can’t use them, I can’t eat myself.

Hendy has another complaint as he claims while he was in the hospital recovering, another patient attempted to sexually assault him. He said he has taken the matter up with the Police Department.

Albert Hendy

‘I started to scream out and the other patients hollered out for me too because there were no nurses or security, not attendant was in the room and it was six of us and from there after I reported that to the police and administration came and from there they started to treat me a different kind of way. I got the last medication, I got the last food to eat, they put the food on me like a dog and put it there from 7:30am and then they want to feed me from 7:30am to 11am so I told them I would not eat that and now this is what they did now, they sent me home and I am paralyzed. As you can see what is going on in this place. I live in my hall, I don’t even have a bathroom right now because due to the operation I was making one back there but the operation slowed me down and the addition I was trying to put on it slowed me down and I can’t do it. They really messed me up and they are not giving me any answers as to what happened.”

Hendy says that he has contacted two attorneys for legal advice on how to proceed. When we contacted the KHMH we were told they cannot comment on the case since the complaint was made to law enforcement authorities and not to the KHMH.