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Man comes home to wife tied up

The violence which had crippled the country doesn’t regularly reach beyond the Orange Walk District, but the brave efforts of a homeowner may have saved his life. While unloading goods with an employee, he had no idea his wife was bound inside the home. However, the Santa Rita Layout area of Corozal was the setting for a home invasion that occurred on Wednesday.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “On Yesterday’s date Corozal Police was called to the home of one Javier Gonzalez in the Santa Rita Layout area sometime shortly before 2PM. Upon arrival Mr. Gonzalez reported to them that he arrived at his home sometime around 1:20 PM accompanied by one of his employees and whilst he was in the process of unloading some goods into a warehouse that he has there, himself and his employee were accosted by three male persons: one of whom was armed with what appears to be a firearm whilst one was armed with a baseball bat. They were robbed of their personal belongings before those persons made good their escape. We also learned during the investigation that prior to Mr. Gonzalez’s arrival to his home those persons had already entered his home and had tied up his wife. Police response to the area resulted in the detention of one person and the recovery of several items believed to have been from the burglary so Police investigation into this matter continues whilst we are seeking two other suspects in connection with the investigation. Mr. Gonzalez was relieved of his licensed 9mm pistol and that is the same weapon that was used during the struggle where his employee was grazed.”

The Police Department is looking for an additional suspect.