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Man in critical condition over a horse

A father’s intervention may have saved his son’s life. 24-year-old Dennis Hislop Jr. was in his yard on Faber’s Road hanging out with his neighbor, 21-year-old Kyron Samuels, when they were approached by two male persons. Reports are that one of the male person, a minor had visited the location earlier in an attempt to steal Hislop’s horse, but was chased away.  Thereafter, he returned with his uncle, Frank Smith, who was armed with a firearm.  Smith then chased Hislop to the back of the yard where a struggled ensued. 53-year-old Dennis Hislop Sr heard the commotion and came to his son’s rescue by firing his license firearm. As a result, Smith was shot and is listed in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.