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Man detained pending charges of arson

One man has been detained in Orange Walk Town pending charges of arson. According to police, 37-year-old Diana Mai reported that on Saturday night around 7:30, a man was standing in front of her house located in Trial Farm Village. Mai told police that the man was holding a machete threatening her. When she looked closer she recognized him as one Catelino Urizar. She said he then set her house on fire. The house sustained damages but the value remains unknown. Police have detained thirty-four-year-old Catelino Urizar pending charged with arson. Meanwhile, a family lost their home to fire in Southern Belize. According to police, 24-year-old Innocenta Bol, a Belizean Domestic of Mile 25 on the Southern Highway told officers that shortly after six o’clock that night she was going to a shop when she met her ex-common law husband Feliciano Ical. She said that he uttered the words, “right now you will see what will happen” and ran towards her house. Moments later she saw flames and smoke coming from the direction of her house and when she arrived there she found it engulfed in flames.  The entire structure was destroyed including her personal belongings. Police are looking for Feliciano Ical.