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Man Dies Three Weeks Following Scuffle and Incarceration

The man who police charged with wounding is dead tonight. In October, 51-year-old, Arlie Andrew Avilez was involved in a physical confrontation with the proprietor of Gulf Hotel. The proprietor of the hotel accused Avilez of stealing from him. Avilez responded by hitting him on the head with a piece of iron. Both men then got into a fight landing them both in a drain. Police were called and both men were taken to the police station where they were examined. Avilez was subsequently arrested and charged with the crime of wounding- a charge he pled guilty to when he appeared in court on October 13. Two days later, on October 15, he was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he passed away 17 days ago, on October 25. A post mortem revealed that Avilez died, basically, due to severe head injuries. Police sent out a police reported and labeled it as “sudden death” however they say they are investigating this matter and when the file is completed it will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal for advice.