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Man Douses Spouse with Kerosene to Set Her Afire

A villager from Santa Clara in the Corozal District has been charged with attempted murder.  A 36 year old housewife of Santa Clara Village reported that on Monday night, her husband, 34 year old, Joel Pech began to verbally abuse her while she was in the back yard doing some work. The woman told Police she tried to go into the house, but her husband stopped her and threatened to chop her up and her kids. He then reportedly lashed her with the machete on her left leg. She immediate ran but her husband set chase after her with machete in hand. Unable to catch up with her, Joel threw the machete at her, but fortunately, he missed.  The woman said she went back to the house where her husband captured her, dragged her by her hair into the house and locked her inside the kitchen. There, he reportedly, poured Kerosene on her entire body and attempted to set her on fire. The woman was able to wash off some of the kerosene however Joel managed to set her right arm on fire but she was able to extinguish in minutes. As we said, Joel Pech has been arrested and charged with attempted murder; it is expected that other charges will be levied against him soon.