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Man Escapes Police and Leaves Infant Child Behind

Police in Placencia have issued a wanted bulletin for 39 year old Devon Dale Logan who escaped police custody leaving his 7 month child alone. Police say that they were on mobile patrol on Sunday evening when they came across Logan who had his seven month old child with him. Logan was reportedly coming from an area known for drug activity. He was then approached by police who then searched his person. Police found a small amount of suspected cannabis and so Logan, along with his child, was place inside the police mobile. However, as the police pickup was driving off, Logan jumped out and ran, leaving his seven month old child behind. Police are now seeking him. He is expected to be charged for “Possession of Controlled Drugs”, “Escape” and “Disobeying a Court Order” and because of his recent act, “child Abandonment” has been added to the list.