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Man fatally shot in broad daylight in Belize City

A man was gunned down in broad daylight in the old capital today. Around 2pm, 20-year-old, Stephan McLaren was a stone’s throw away from his house when he was targeted by a gunman on New Road. McLaren’s girlfriend, who wished to remain unnamed, said she had just borrowed McLaren’s bicycle to go home to take a shower; when she returned, she learnt that her boyfriend had been killed.
Girlfriend: “The only thing I know is that he told me right now he is coming back because he was going to buy. My aunt walked down the street with him, she walked to Kick Down and left him on the lane with a young man. She heard one shot, only one shot she said she heard. One girl came to her and told her that they just shot Stephan. By the time she reached there Stephan was on the ground trying to talk to her but she was not hearing what he was saying. He was just saying something but she wasn’t hearing anything at all. You have some people who threatened him already and think that he is in a gang but he is not in a gang, he hangs out by himself. If you don’t see him you see him by himself on a black bike. If you don’t see him on a black bike you see him with two kids. Those are my two kids, he doesn’t hang with other kids and it’s only us on New Road that he hangs with, from New Road to Cleghorn. He does not go anywhere else so I don’t know what he did for them to have to shoot him like that. He does anything for you, as you ask him he gets up and goes and do it for you. He doesn’t care how far he has to go if he has to walk, he walks. He did everything for me, If I tell him right now to watch the babies for me he would stand there and watch the babies or he would take them somewhere and watch them so I don’t know what happened to make them have to kill him like this.”
McLaren had no kids of his own. His girlfriend said that the family has an idea of who might have wanted him dead.  Also injured in this incident was 28-year-old, Karon Gladden.  He was with McLaren at the time of the shooting and was shot to the left hand.  When the gunshots rang out Gladden sought cover then took a taxi to the hospital where he was treated.////////