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Man fatally shot from behind

A shooting in broad daylight has left a man dead and his family in mourning disbelief. Reporter Courtney Menzies went out looking for answers in this latest murder of 28-year-old Ronald Michael.

A shooting in broad daylight has left a man dead and his family in mourning disbelief. Reporter Courtney Menzies went out looking for answers in this latest murder of 28-year-old Ronald Michael.

 28-year-old Ronald Michael is dead and his family and friends are asking why. The Belize City man was on Ordonez Avenue doing a favor for a friend when he was shot multiple times from behind. The owner of the yard that Michael was killed in, Lorenzo Ordonez, stated that he was not at home at the time. His daughter Kenisha Ordonez told us she was the one who asked Michael to cut her yard.

Lorenzo Ordonez,Homeowner:  “Well my wife called me and told me that the young man was helping our daughter to chop the yard and he had been shot behind the house by the septic tank. So I drove up here with the police and saw the whole commotion,  I’m just waiting to see a picture of him, I don’t know him. He was doing a favor to my family in other words because he is my daughter’s good friend. So he came here because my daughter is trying to build a house in that area so he came here to help her to clear the area, get it fixed up and ready to build a house.”

Friend: “He was a nice person. I don’t know much about him but all I know is that he’s good to me.”

Reporter: Is he normally in this area?

Friend: “No. First time. I’m building a house in the back so he told me ‘Sis I will help you.’ and I told him ‘alright but the area needs to clean.’ so he said ‘alright I’ll come help you.’ He was supposed to come do it from Saturday but then he didn’t get the things to do it so he came and did it today and I was on the veranda with him all the while. I came in to comb my nephew’s hair and then we heard the bomb but then we had a fire at the back so we said it was something out of the fire.”

Reporter: How much shots?

Friend: “Two.”

The murder scene was a heart breaking one as various relatives and friends of Michael gathered around. Being blocked off from the scene by yellow police tape all they could do is watch in agony as officers removed the body from the scene. Meanwhile the rest of Michael’s large family congregated at their home in the Complex area. His sister Kimberly Michael expressed her grief over her younger brother. 

Reporter: When was the last time you spoke to him ?

Kimberly Michael, Sister: Last night. That is why this really hit me because last night me and him were talking running jokes and he always told me ‘sis I don’t fear anything.’ and he goes anywhere he wants to go, that is what he always said. I’m not swearing for my brother but back then he was giving a lot of trouble but he changed his life. He changed his life to be somebody but to be honest they chanced him and the person who did it is a coward. He is a coward because he shot my brother from behind. He is a loving person. Everybody who knows Ronald knows that he was a loving person, he always had people smiling even if you were vex he always put a smile on your face. He was always a round.”

Cousin: “The same one that killed him they wanted him for a long time so I hope they’re happy and that they are rejoicing because we don’t care either too. They chanced my cousin and we are not that. We are love. We party every day and we enjoy ourselves and tell them whomever killed him we know and you enjoy yourselves and you celebrate about it because you killed a legend just like Kobe Bryant.”

Police did not have much information at the time of the murder as they had just started their investigation. Michael had two children, a seven year old son and a daughter below the age of one.

Ronald Michael was featured in the news in 2015 when another media house wrongly used his photograph in a case of attempted murder. He told reporters that he was receiving death threats for a crime he did not commit.