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Man found Decapitated in Cotton Tree Village

Another homicide investigation has been opened as police try to piece together the death of Hilton Wade, whose head had been severed and separated from his body. The elderly man’s head was found at a makeshift wooden bushed at a junction between Harmonyville and Cotton Tree Village. His body was then found at an unfinished house in Cotton Tree Village. Dalila Ical has more on this story.

“He told us that somebody wanted to kill him and he asked if we didn’t hear and he said, “well you have to know these things because you live in Cotton Tree so you have to know these things.” We didn’t say anything more and we just walked into our house because sometimes he gets the other way but we like him and he’s our friend. Sometimes Hilton talks thing but we don’t believe him sometimes because he’s just like that he’d come and tell us different stories just to stop in and give us something new about his life but I just hope they find the killer.”

“We were so sad. I hope the police finds the killer.”

We understand Belmopan Police have one man in custody.