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Man Gets 23 Years for Killing Spouse

Thirty-seven year old Daniel Ku, who pled guilty to manslaughter last Monday, was sentenced to 23 years today by the Chief Justice Hon. Kenneth Benjamin. But Ku will only serve 13 years because the 10 years he has already served in prison was subtracted from his sentence. Actually Ku’s sentence would have been 25 years but 2 years was deducted because of the pleas for mitigation by his attorney, Bryan Neal and his brother, Freddy Ku. Ku, a resident of Orange Walk, was convicted of the December 2006 murder of his wife, Anna Maria Magdaleno Basto. Basto’s throat was slashed and she was stabbed 32 times. The incident occurred just after the couple had sex and it was allegedly provoked by Basto telling Ku that she has a lover who was 10 times better than him. Ku appealed his conviction and sentence of life imprisonment and Belize Court of Appeal allowed his appeal and ordered a retrial. About 2 months ago the retrial was aborted because the jury was tainted. Before the third trial commenced the charge of murder was reduced to manslaughter by the DPP. Ku then elected to plead guilty to the lesser charge.