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Man Gets Injured Whilst Defending Spouse

A Saturday night shooting has left Joseph Debride hospitalized . According to Police, Debride was shot while he was trying to defend his spouse on Currasow Street in Belize City. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams spoke of the shooting.


“Sometime after 9pm that night police had received information of a shooting incident on Curassow Street. They subsequently visited the KHMH where they saw Mr. Debride suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the neck. He is admitted in the hospital in a critical but stable condition. It is not a case where the police was targeted but what happened is that a female police officer was socializing on Curassow Street along with her boyfriend when a male person came, who said that he had a firearm on him. Well the police officer being the person she is, she is a very active and energetic police officer, she tried to apprehend the person with the firearm and they got into a struggle.  Her boyfriend came to assist her and in that process, the person got away and whilst he was leaving he took out the firearm and fired shots at them hitting Debride in the neck.”

DeBride’s spouse is a female constable in the Belize Police Department.  The shooter has been detained however; the firearm has not been recovered.